Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uber Tolerance

Witnessing the usual barrage of visual assaults on any given day in Stockholm got me to thinking about over tolerance and it's effects on the longevity of society as a whole. Perhaps it isn't the role of government to criminalize certain activities and it is more the role of society to ostracize certain behaviors. A concept that predates modern religions and practiced by tribal peoples throughout the world. Interestingly, I don't write this as a bible-thumping zealot, as I identify myself as much an agnostic as anything else.

When a society loses it's moral bearings, it can not exist in a vacuum forever. Something will eventually come along to fill that vacuum. It does not shock me that Islam is filling that vacuum in Europe.

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  1. This is great Kim! I've said many times before that we've criminalized, through political correctness, the much needed "healthy shame" that is necessary to promote a society that recognizes and chastises immoral behavior. We've simply become afraid to say "that is so wrong" . . when it's really NECESSARY that we do say it!

    What do I know . . I'm an intolerant, Christian, conservative racist!! ;)