Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally, Random Men Giving Me Money

OK, so it was only 20 crowns and he was a raving nutter, but's a step in the right direction.

So, I met a shaman on the T-bana today. I am not really sure why I entertained the notion of speaking to him. I thought perhaps he would be blog-worthy, I guess. And he did not disappointment. Truthfully, I thought once I told him I didn't speak Swedish he'd go away. But, he persisted and he wasn't peeing himself, shooting up or performing any of the other standard issue city past times.

Immediately upon introducing himself, he alerted me, in his broken english, that he was indeed a shaman. "A shaman, really", I answered. Now my interest was peaked. I'd never actually met a Shaman before, this could get interesting.

He was going on, something about his third eye and my energy. Laced in his monologue was a little about how he was never taught English in school but taught himself and was from Stockholm all his life.

Then he opened his wallet and tried to hand me 20 krona. He would not take no for an answer and finally threw it in my bag.

Apparently, it was OK, because he was only a "dealer". Paying it forward or something like that.


  1. the shrooms i took at the henry miller library in Big Sur about a month ago were blessed by a shaman. Maybe he was a "dealer" too.

  2. Sounds like he really was a dealer. Jack of all trades maybe.