Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enough Already With the Spraypaint

I am running this morning through what is supposed to be a idyllic park setting, a green oasis in the surrounding concrete and my entire focus is on the spray paint on nearly every available surface. The benches, the poles, the red farmy looking buildings, they haven't missed a surface.

I don't know who they are or what their message is but it is unsightly. I try and conjure up images of Swedish gangs roaming the streets and marking their turf but it is hard to envision the capri wearing, man-bag carrying male folk among me working up the level of testosterone needed for such endeavors. But I digress....

I am a person who is keen on esthetics. Certain things should be a certain way. It is probably a genealogical trait from my German DNA. Order. And parks should be kept free of spray paint.

Especially if I am paying north of 60% of every Krona in taxes.  I know my sleepy little, unsophisticated burg of Chandler, Arizona manages to clean up a painted message in less than 72 hours and I have to wonder why such a cumbersome tax system can not manage this feat?

In the park spray paint abounds, park benches stand weather worn and unpainted, trees and bushes grow over and park play equipment conjures up memories of my 1970's school yard. Hardly the vision of a socialist utopia or is it?

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