Saturday, July 18, 2009


We spent the day at Skansen today. Skansen is an open air museum and zoo located on Djugarden (an island in central Stockholm). It's purpose is to show the Swedish way of life before industrialization.

It has a full replica of a 19th century town. Throughout the buildings you will find craftsmen in traditional dress such as shoemakers, tanners, silversmiths, bakers, etc. The zoo houses a wide range of Scandinavian animals including the bison, brown bear, moose, grey seal, lynx, otter, red fox, reindeer, wolf, and wolverine. As well as other popular animals.

I really enjoyed the day there and the weather was, again, perfect. Particularly, I loved the island of Djugarden. It is a large National City park and is only home to historical buildings and monuments, museums, galleries, the amusement park Gröna Lund, Skansen, yacht harbours, and large stretches of forest and meadows. It is spray paint free, meticulously groomed and an oasis in the midst of the city.


  1. Great Pictures!

  2. spary paint it!

    sounds nice.

  3. You should totally be a photographer!