Monday, July 13, 2009

The Million Programme

The Million Programme is the common name for the housing program implemented in Sweden between 1965 and 1974. The aim was to see that everyone could have a home at a reasonable price. They reached to build a million new homes (apartments) in a 10-year period. Much of the existing, older housing was demolished to make way for the new structures.

If anything could be argued as being a crime against humanity, it should the results of this program. Hopeless, dreary, a blight on the landscape--these adjectives can not even conjure up what these housing blocks truly are and this is simply from the perspective of having to drive by them.

One of the main goals behind the planning of these residential areas was to create 'good democratic citizens'. The idea was to build a high quality dwelling with services including schools, nurseries, churches, public spaces and libraries nearby. Most of the apartments were of the "standard three room apartment". This is 75 m², planned for a model family of two adults and two children. (807 square feet).

Undoubtedly these were utopian ideas dreamt up in the minds of left wing elitists. People who would never have to walk in their halls. Like most leftists ideas, when brought to fruition, they are spirit crushing. They have become known for high crime rates and racial segregation.

You will find them anywhere left wing ideology permeates. More closely to home, Canadian cities are filled with them. Often referred to as Commie Blocks, because of similarity to the housing built in the former Eastern Bloc countries they are dull and grey concrete structures with little in the way of frills or aesthetics.

It is my belief that an ambitious program should be undertaken to remove these depressing eyesores. They hold no place on a continent that has a birthrate that is below sustainability. To pretend space is an issue and that people need to live on top of each other, especially in the suburban areas outside of the cities, is absurd.

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