Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flick Your Bic

Round two at the orthodontist's office. It went well and did not cost even half as much as the last visit. No goodie bag emblazoned with his logo filled with fun little flosses, brushes and new products to try out. Nothing particularly notable. Oh yeah, I have to admit astonishment when instead of pulling out a the high-tech precision soldering tool that I am used to seeing, to get the thermoplastic material to a softened state, he pulled out a "high-tech" Bic lighter. Budget cuts, I guess.

Aye, yi, yi....carumba.


  1. Why are you so negative about Sweden? I've just read 3 successive posts where you have moaned about everything from the fact that they have shoe repair shops, and the fact the dentist doesn't give out glossy goody bags like in the States, to the tax system.
    So I have to ask the question......if Sweden irritates you so much.....why are you still here?

  2. Eh, writing about the good parts is no fun.