Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hej då

I have not written this past week as my niece was here visiting from the US. She came with her boyfriend who she met in the states and who resides in Norway. They took the train over from Oslo, after spending an inseparable month together. He returns to Norway; she, the states.

My heart is heavy for them both today. Not so much because I miss their presence, though I do. But I know the sadness they must feel not knowing when they will be reunited. It is a quintessential love story, one I hope she does not mind me sharing with the thirty or so regular readers of this blog. She, the free spirited, independent and sensitive young American woman, he the mild mannered intellectual European who meet by happenstance. Now only the vastness of the ocean separates them, at least temporarily.

Only five words come to mind: Love will find a way.


  1. Oh I know that feeling. Went threw that with my husband. I'm from the states and he is Norwegian.
    Best wishes to her and hope they will be reunited again soon!

  2. that is so incredibly sad :(
    i was in a similar situation with my fiancé right after we first met, things worked out though.. well until this fall when i moved to russia, and he is staying in germany