Thursday, October 15, 2009

Burning the Bunnies

They are burning bunnies for biofuel here in Sweden. Well, they cull them from the parks to prevent damage to the greenery. And then they are burning them. Making use of the cadavers. They freeze the bunnies until they are ready to use them. I would be curious to know the energy in-energy-out equation for this endeavor.

They theorize that it is irresponsible pet owners who are responsible for the over population of bunnies. I do not know if I buy that. There is an expression, "breeding like rabbits"...Plus, I'd wager buying a bunny in Sweden is akin to buying anything else in Sweden. A fairly large investment. Let's see...a new coat this month or buy a bunny and let loose in park?

I would think, perhaps, if killing the bunnies is the best option there could be better uses for them. People eat them, their furs can be used for clothing. I have even read the recommendation of using them, at least, as a food source for zoo animals. Ah, but ecomania is all the rage and burning food stuff for energy is the left's newest passion. They've single handedly influenced enough corn burning to triple the cost of tortillas in Mexico. As if the average Mexican peasant is concerned with going green.

Culling in the parks may not be a bad idea. Maybe, though, let's leave the bunnies alone and stick to the junkies and other sordid characters that inhabit so many of them.


  1. you have got to be kidding!

    They FREEZE and store them before they BURN them, Obstensibly for FUEL?! I am no chemist but that has got to be at least a 3:1 loss.

    How do they cull them, hunting or trapping...gas?? Oh the cruelty!
    We cannot use rabbitses for clothing...that is FUR don't you know anything? FUR is bad!
    We cannot use rabbitses for food for the poor or hungry...they are too cute!
    Food is for Burning!
    I think it just is some fascination with SocialCommunists burning things in ovens...

  2. I like to see the SocialCommunistsRegressives (I don't truly know what to call them anymore) in moral conundrums like this.